Bike-friendly hotel - Olympia Hotel Valencia

Bike-friendly services

Enjoy a cycling break in Valencia!

Bike-friendly hotel

We offer a perfect place for cycling enthusiasts to travel with their bikes. We provide all the facilities you need to enjoy traveling to Valencia by bike.

Facilities for bike lovers

  • Bike storage
  • Bike workshop
  • Washing area
  • Roller and spin bike for training
  • Daily weather: we keep you updated about the local weather
  • Massage service on request

Cycling routes

Did you know that Valencia is a bike-friendly city?

  • Valencia has 120 km of cycle lanes connecting all the city’s neighbourhoods.
  • It is a flat city, ideal for cycling.
  • There are many bicycle boulevards, where bicycles are given priority and the maximum speed for motorised vehicles is 30 km/h.
  • In Valencia, there are 18 routes designed by cycling tourism experts that combine the use of bicycle and the metro to discover the cultural and scenic heritage of the city.
The Turia Gardens (the old riverbed) stretch from one end of Valencia to the other and offer a magnificent green cycle path of more than 8 km.